CSU Channel Islands Affordable Learning Solutions Initiative

Congratulations, Year 1 was a success!!

openCI badgeCongratulations to all openCI Ambassadors!! You were a huge part of openCI’s success this year. For the 2016-2017 AY, there were one of nearly 40 faculty who participated as an openCI Ambassador. Together, we  saved our students a total of $259,151.80, affecting 2,053 students in 73 course sections. That is an average savings of $126.23 per student and $3,550.02 per course. openCI Ambassadors are working on even more course redesigns for next fall, with an added anticipated savings of over $150,000.  This will bring openCI’s total student savings to well over $400,000 during its first three semesters of existence.’

We can’t wait to get started on Year 2.

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