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The John Spoor Broome Library offers a variety of services to help create and identify affordable content for your curriculum. There are a number of available resources on campus to faculty to support your individual needs. Below you will find a brief explanation and link to more information.

John Spoor Broome Library

Course Reserves

Broome Library offers faculty three ways to provide content for your students: eReserves (Electronic Reserves), Streaming Media, and Print Reserves. The benefits of using course reserves through the library include copyright/fair use information, screen-reader accessibility, and direct links to journal articles from the library subscription databases without additional login. There are three basic types of reserves, with the first two specifically related to OER:

    1. eReserves (Previously known as eReserves or Electronic Reserves) – Faculty are able to scan portions of copyright protected materials under fair use guidelines to use in courses, or create links to full-text journal articles available from the library’s subscription databases, allowing students 24/7 access to materials through their course in CI Learn. Our openCI student assistant can support you if needed.
    2. Streaming Media – The Library is also able to stream movies, documentaries and other recorded media that Broome Library owns via its streaming media service to be available in CI Learn.
    3. Print Reserves – Print Reserves holds textbooks and other materials provided by faculty for students to check out for 2 hours, providing access to all students in the course. (not OER but may save textbook costs for students in need)

Need help with electronic reserves, print reserves, or streaming media? Please refer to the Course Reserves webpage for submission forms or contact course.reserves@csuci.edu for additional information, or reach out to openCI Co-Coordinators (jacob.jenkins@csuci.edu or jaime.hannans@csuci.edu)

Cultivating Resources

The librarians at Broome Library can assist faculty to cultivate materials for an electronic course pack reader. This could be considered in substitution of a traditional purchased textbook, while individualizing the course and maintaining currency in your discipline.

The library offers over 90 subscription databases and has a variety of e-books that might fit your course needs. If you want to create course readings with library content, librarians are her anytime to assist in locating desired materials. It can be tricky to find e-books without restrictions, so that’s why we’re here to help! Please fill out our Faculty Librarian Consultation form to request an appointment with a librarian.


For course reserves, if the faculty or the library already own the material they want digitized, it typically takes 3 days to process and load into CI Learn. However, at the beginning of the term when there are a large volume of requests, it can take up to two weeks to fill the request.

For streaming media requests, if the library already owns the video, it can typically take 3 days to process. If the library does not own the video, we will consider it for purchase (or the faculty can donate a copy of the video if they want). If the purchase request is approved, it takes time to order and receive the video, which can be up to 6-8 weeks depending on where the video is ordered from.

For meeting with a librarian, generally, you will be accommodated within 72 hours.

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