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Where do I start?

Assess and Learn

Consider what resources you are already using. Learn what OER is. Think about what resources you know how to integrate in your course currently. Are you already using supplementary materials, eReserves, multimedia resources in your course? Do you have a required textbook? If you have a required textbook, what is the current cost of the textbook? Are there eBooks or other OER materials to consider? Join one of our Events to learn more!

Explore and Discover

Looking to replace a textbook? Can you use electronic journals, multimedia, and/or eBook(s) in place of your current text? Explore the eBooks by discipline by discipline or OER materials listed on this site. Request a library consultation to assist you to cultivate materials for your course.

Adapt and Adopt

Adapting your course to OER materials? Find an eBook you are ready to adopt? We want to support faculty efforts to save student costs. Reach out to us to share your progress and learn about faculty opportunities for adopting OER materials.

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