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We are excited to share with you faculty examples of OER from our campus! Below are video reflections from faculty about their approach to reducing student textbook costs.

Heather Castillo, CSUCI Dance professor shows us in a very entertaining way how to implement open resources and library resources in order to save students money! 

Jacob Jenkins professor of Communications shares a valuable lesson to be learned in regards to adopting OER resources. If done correctly! when you pull the best resources and examples you come out with a more engaging and more customized product that provides a more educational classroom experience for both the students and the professor. 

Talya Drescher and Julia Newman teach SPED/PSYCH 345. Last school year students spent $106 vs. this year with student's paying $0. The way they achieved this was by taking the time to look at different texts (can use 10% of any textbook for any chapters) they then brought those texts to the library at the circulation desk. All the readings then ended up on their blackboards for that course to give out and be readily accessible to students. 

Ekin Pehlivan redesigned her Marketing course to include collected material from the web, magazine articles, journal articles, and videos. The course is designed around 3 free books available online and 1 book that is only $20 and can be downloaded as an e-book

Maria Ballesteros-Sola had a $240 textbook required for the students in her Marketing 310 class first semester.  This video illustrates her journey in considering and then searching for other options for her students. She did some research and discovered Sailor Academy, a non-profit organization that provided the textbook for free, now her students pay $0.  

Dr. RJ Daniel Maher teaches a Public Speaking course, he took a previously required $90-$260 textbook and found an online free resource alternative with all of the same content. He also teaches an Environmental Science course, he took a $160 required textbook and found an online free resource alternative for all of his students. 

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